Travel diary 3: Singapore [1]

Finally! I am heading to Singapore! I have always wanted to go there ever since.


Everyone knows that Singapore is an expensive city. So we had to manage our expenses well. And guess what? We actually spent only Php 17,000++ in 4 days and 3 nights. Yes, that includes everything already. Now let me tell you how.

Just like most people, I scout for cheap airfares by subscribing to their newsletters and updates from Facebook. Last November, I received an email from Jetstar stating they have a promo for Singapore (which they usually have anyway) for only Php 1,748 one-way. I thought it was a good deal. I did mock booking and eventually got a total of Php 5,141 for a roundtrip ticket. Not bad, eh? I called my friend and ‘travel buddy’ right away and took advantage of the seat sale. And voila, we’re in!


Up next, we had to look for an accomodation. For our first Hong Kong trip, we chose a hotel package which includes roundtrip coach transfers, breakfast buffet and city tour. We were given a quite pricey one in Singapore when I asked for a quotation. So, naturally, I looked around for cheaper ones. Then I stumbled to Airbnb. Yes, it was my first time to try it, but I didn’t have qualms. So far, I have heard mostly good feedback from people who have used  this service. So I tried checking out the prices and found a good one for only Php 1,500++ a night (1,500 x 3 + Airbnb service fee ) = Php 5,000++. It was also somehow affected by the rates on that day. Currently though, $1SGD = Php 33. But of course, I would only have to pay half of that price (Php 2,500 ++) since I am sharing the room with my friend.

In case you’re planning to book up Airbnb in the future, let me give you a few credits by just clicking this.


Onto the most tedious part: itinerary. Here we can figure out how much we would have to prepare. Unfortunately, our ETA in Singapore is around 1420 so there would be only a few hours left for our first day. Same thing, our last day’s ETD is 1600, which means we have to be at the airport by 12. That’s one thing about Jetstar, though. They have very limited (most likely two) options when it comes to the time you want to depart / arrive. Anyhow, let me show you a quick rundown of our itinerary for you to have a better idea.


Day 1

  • 1420 > arrive @ Changi airport
  • 1600 > arrive @ accomodation
  • 1700 > proceed to Merlion Park
  • 1800 > dinner
  • 1900 > Marina Bay Sands
  • 2000 > Lights & Sounds Show @ MBS
  • 2030 onwards > Orchard Road

Day 2

  • 0700 > breakfast
  • 0900 > cable car @ Harbourfront Centre
  • 0930 > Sentosa
  • 1000 > Universal Studios
  • 1900 > dinner @ Vivo City


Day 3

  • 0600 > breakfast
  • 0700 > check-in @ Horizon Ferry counter 
  • 0815 > depart for Indonesia
  • 1700 > arrival in Singapore
  • 1800 > dinner @ Clarke Quay


Day 4

  • 0600 > breakfast
  • 0700 > Little India
  • 0900 > Chinatown
  • 1100 > lunch @ Maxwell Food Centre
  • 1230 > arrival @ Changi; ETD 1610


There you go! Pretty simple and straightforward, if you ask me. The times are approximate only, but we were able to accomplish all of what’s listed here.

I would definitely say that booking online in advance would be advantageous. We were able to get discounts and freebies unobtainable if you were to purchase on the actual date and place. Klook proved to be an essential way for us to do so. For you to get it as well, just kindly click this.